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Flutter Spoons have become a popular way of catching big fish, but they can be frustrating unless you really take the time to learn the technique. It's imperative to learn to determine a bite vs a stump. Unfortunately it's a skill learned and the spoon will get hung in the process. In fact, even the best spoon fishermen hang a few.
As you're first learning the technique, pick a spot that you know has a clean bottom, pitch the Big Dandy spoon out and watch the action of your rod tip as it flutters down and hits bottom. Take the hook off to practice if you're really paranoid about losing it. As you build your feel for the spoon, move into areas that may have some sparse grass like an outside line, or even some rocks if you have that type of structure. You'll likely catch a fish or two along the way if you have the hook on. Even without the hook, you'll either feel the bite or see your line go slack before the spoon hits bottom. From there, you can move into timbered areas and be fairly confident that you know how the spoon will act. Don't set the hook hard on anything until you feel confident you know what a bite looks and feels like.
Some people are tempted to cast that heavy spoon way out there - don't do it! At least until you become proficient with it. The Flutter Spoon is not a search bait and is used once you've located a wad of fish, so in most situations a simple pitch is adequate space to work with. It's a great way to "rev up" football jig or Carolina Rig fish when they've started to play out. A sweeping hookset and constant pressure will help land the fish.
When you get hung, and you will, you can usually use the weight of the spoon to shake it free by positioning directly over the stump. Most of the time that will work, but if not, move the boat to the opposite side from where you set the hook and again use the spoons' weight to help shake it off. Never pull hard - it will only drive the hook in deeper and drastically reduce the chances of ever seeing your pretty spoon again.
Hope this helps make your Flutter Spoon fishing an enjoyable and rewarding experience!
Good Fishing and God Bless,
Andi Sanders
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